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Measure the quality and quantity of your online reviews

Keep track of all aspects of your reputation management with review generations, review funnel effectiveness, and your management KPI results across your different locations.


Review Management

Automate the process of improving your online reviews and reputation. Increase your visibility and credibility against your competitors.


Automated Campaigns

Automate the process of review requests and feedback. Streamlined review funnel for request campaigns.

  • Visual click through review funnel

  • Positive feedback rate

  • Customers recovered by feedback form


Analysis insights

Make changes or support decisions by staying informed about your company's products and services based on your clients feed back.  What are the trends being discussed in the internet about your business?



Monitoring and responding to your reviews shapes your business reputation. Happy customers who sing your organization’s praises deserve recognition. Unhappy customers expect you to listen to and resolve their concerns.

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